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Mikvah After Seminal Discharge


When do men have to go to the Mikveh?
If a man is baal keri and touches objects, are they impure and can they pass on that impurity to others?
If someone touches these objects (clothes, beds, chairs, etc), how does that person purify and how do you purify these objects? Is a hand washing (1-time or 3-times required? Or is going to the Mikveh required?
What is Tisha Kabin?
Knowing that seminal fluid is tumah, if a man has an unintentional discharge, what does he have to do (in terms of purifying himself)?
Thank you for answering.


In our day and age there in never a strict obligation for a man to go to the mikva. The closest we have to an obligation is to purify one’s self in a mikva on Erev Yom Kippur.

While a baal keri does transfer impurity [a person who had a seminal emission has the status of “Rishon Letumah”, and transfers impurity to food and drink. Semen itself has the status of “Av Hatumah” which conveys impurity to people, clothing, and vessels that come in contact with it], we no longer practice purity laws in this regard and nothing is required for purification.

According to strict halacha, in our days [without the Bais Hamikdash] nothing is required of the baal keri. Many are stringent and immerse in a mikva before engaging in Prayer or Torah study, after a discharge.




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