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Shabbos and Sprinkles on Cakes


If words or letters were “written” on a cake using sprinkles instead of frosting, could that be cut on shabbos? (see first and second pictures where the number 2 is created using a cookie cutter to outline the number.)

Would that be different if the letters are created by NOT having anything? (see the third image and imaging creating it by putting sprinkles only outside the cookie cutter.)

Does the density matter? (fewer sprinkles as in picture 2 versus more sprinkles in picture 1)

Could a cake with whole words like either of these examples be cut on Shabbos?

And while I’m asking…if it isn’t considered Ksivah, could they be made on Shabbos?

My son makes a parsha dessert every week and was wondering about this way of decorating cakes.

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These are all considered forms of writing and should not be created or cut on Shabbos.


Rama O:C 340:3, Mishna Brura 15, Kaf Hachaim ibid. 29

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  1. Thank you for the quick reply.
    I am not sure I understood your answer.
    The difference between my question and what is described in your references is that if there is ksiva with a Davar acher that completely is like writing. In the two scenarios I described there are no actual letters, only something that can be interpreted as letters.
    Consider taking three long pretzel sticks and arranging them on a plate to form the letter H. Would that be ksiva? What if there were 20 pretzels and you arranged them to form the letter H? Or 100?

    In the second scenario I described not only is there no letter, the eye only perceives that there is something by the LACK of sprinkles which could be done without removal (so no Mechikah).
    Assuming one could sprinkle the small candies on a cake, if they held their hand over the cake while doing that, based on your response, it sounds like that would then be ksivah because the sprinkles wouldn’t go on that area.
    How far apart would the sprinkles need to be to avoid an issue of ksivah or mechikah?

    Thank you -Haim

    1. i am not sure what you mean there are not actual letters, these are very much actual letters using a surface [the cake] and writing material [the sprinkles] to form letters, this is a Rabbinic form of writing.
      The difference between your two cases is that one is writing and one is in essence carving out a letter in the sprinkles, See Shulchan Aruch that one may not carve out a letter in ashes. the fact that you do it by pouring on the outside of the form [called chok tochos] does not make it permissible, as a Rabbinic prohibition remains. this would be true of writing with pretzels as well. as long as u are intentionally creating readable letters there would be a problem.

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