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Annulling Unfulfilled Vow


I have a question regarding nedarim. Back when I was a young bochur, I was very intense, and one time i made a neder to lean maseches peah with the bartenura and kehati, plus learn it baal peh, before i go to sleep. Basically I said, I am making a neder not to go to sleep until I learn those things. Obviously, I wasn’t able to finish all that before going to sleep. I regretted making the neder, but was embarrassed about it and didn’t really ask anyone if i need to be matir it. On one hand I was afraid that I am over the neder every single day that I go to sleep, since I never finished the material, on the other hand I was too embarrassed to ask someone about it, so i pushed it out of my mind. I know we do hataras nedarim erev rosh hashana, but we say clearly that it doesn’t include nedarim that we know about.
Lately, I remembered about it this and its bothering me. So I want to know what to do. Do I need to be matir this neder and how do I go about doing this?
Thank you


Yes, you should perform hataras nedarim, annulment of the vow. Get three adult males and stand before them and explain you accepted upon yourself in learning that you regret, and you never would have done had you known how hard and time consuming it would be. They respond by saying “Mutar Lach” 3 times.


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