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Melting Ice, Crock Pot, Washing After Sunset


A couple questions please..

1. I know it is permitted to put ice into a drink to cool it off. But, is it permitted to put the ice in the cup first and then pour the drink on top of it?

2. can a sephardi use a crock pot on shabbat (crock pot which is widespread in america where it is surrounded on all sides and covered on top with the lid).

3. if I am running late on Friday, may I wash with warm water during bein hashmashot?

Thank you very much.


1   Yes, this is not considered melting ice actively, as this is not one’s intent, and only a tiny unrecognizable amount melts upon contact.

2    There are different opinion among Sefardi Poskim as to the use of a crock pot on Shabbat. To avoid any potential problem one should place balls of tin foil or an empty tuna can to raise up the insert, thus there is no hatmana issue.

3    After sunset [shekiyat hachama] the hot water may not be used, as this brings new cold water in to the hot water tank and cooks it. In addition at this point when you have already accepted Shabbat as have most people the Rabbinic prohibition against washing one’s entire body with hot water applies, as well as the problem of squeezing out a wet towel, etc..

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