I have several quick shailot.

1. How does one kasher a spatula, or a pair of tongs for year round use or pesach use (if there is a difference).

2. can an ashkenazi kasher glass for year round use?

3. If i did hagala on a eino ben yomo meat pot into another (not so large) pot brand new, and realized that there was some food residue stuck by the handles of the pot, and then did hagala on a dairy knife and spoon in the same water does the dairy knife and spoon become meaty?
additionally, a piece of parsley which was in the meat drawer, and on a meat utensil fell into the pot of hagalah water, while kashering the utensil it was on, but I dont know if the piece of parsley had been cooked with or anything, or had just fallen into the drawer. Does it make the water meaty?

3. Can one make cookies into different shapes on yom tov?

thank you.



1   I assume you are referring to a spatula and tongs made of metal. These are sometimes used with direct dry heat [without liquid], such as picking up something from the oven or out of a pan without oil. For Pesach, libun is required, burning out the absorbed flavor. By applying fire until it comes to a red hot glow. The most practical [and often only] way to do this is to put the utensil in a self clean run in an oven. Be aware that some utensils get ruined in this process, and generally people do not kasher such utensils for Pesach. During the year [from meat to milk] it depends on a number of factors to determine the proper kashering.

2   Yes, this is possible.

3   Simple shapes such as round and square may be made, but not anything more than that.

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