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Waiting 5 Days Before Hefsek Tahara


Is it possible to be lenient and only keep 4 days when mikveh will fall on seder night and my wife will not go to as we are by her parents. can one rely on the psak of the shulchan oruch in case of need.


If the situation makes it impossible for her to go without her family finding out, and this will continue for the 2 nights of the seder, she may start the count after 4 days. This is obviously assuming she stops bleeding in time to make a hefsek by the end of the 4th day.

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  1. Thank you for your reply. My wife could go second night BUT firstly she would not be able to put on make up for the sedarim and it would be very embarrassing for her as everyone would know. Secondly, she has an anxiety (claustrophobia) about going to a specific mikva which would be the only one near enough for her to use on yom tov.Is this still ok to count 4 days?

    1. if the day before the period came [her last day of tahara] there were no relations, you may be lenient, if there were please respond here and we will explore further

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