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Annulling Vows Collectively


If one has more than one neder/vow to nullify, can he nullify them all together?
As in: Mention all the nedarim. Say the he regrets all of them, and then have the three men say mutar lach three time; Or does he need to do each one separately, as in mention the first neder and how he regrets it, then the three men say mutar lach. Then go on to mention the second neder and how he regrets it and the three men say mutar lach again. Etc?


Numerous nedarim can be collectively nullified.



Shulchan Aruch Y:D 228:46, Chadrei Deah 228:2, cf. Erech Hashulchan 228:33.

The above refers to numerous different vows, for one vow repeated many times there is a stringent view which requires each one to be separately nullified.


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