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Eating at Bris Milah Meal


Yesterday, I attended a bris milah. Immediately afterwards, I left, without eating anything, in order to go to another bris milah, where I stayed for the whole seuda.

Did I transgress by not eating at the first bris (one who does not stay for the meal is excommunicated by heaven, according to one opinion)?

If one did not eat meat, or drink wine, by a bris, is it considered that he did not fulfill the mitzva?


The custom is not to invite people directly to a bris milah, only to inform them of the bris, that way they are not responsible to come. One who attends the bris and leaves has what to rely on, as he was not sitting at he meal and refusing to eat, rather he left before there was a meal. Some try to eat or drink something in order to fulfill some form of “eating at the bris”, and this is certainly a commendable practice.



See Shulchan Aruch Y:D 265:12, Pischei Tshuva 18 ibid.

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    1. no, many brissim do not even serve either of the 2

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