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Flying a Kite on shabbat


Hello, I’d like to know if there’s any prohibition on flying a kite in shabbat, barring any problems with erub. Thanks.

Moadim le-simcha!


The actual flying of a kite itself does not involve a Shabbos prohibition [when there is an eruv]. However, this is not a recommended activity on Shabbos. Very often a kite has to be fixed, put together or reattached, all of which are prohibited on Shabbos. In addition the string often becomes knotted and may not be undone on Shabbos. It is also likely that this activity is not in the spirit of Shabbos.



The Mishna in Beitzah 36b lists a number of things prohibited by Rabbinic law as they may lead to Shabbos transgression. Logic would dictate that this activity should be included as well. However we do not have the authority to add new “gzeirot” decrees, and so this activity can not be strictly prohibited.


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  1. Thanks for the answer. But I’d like to ask if there’s no problem of opening the kite, would this be forbidden on account of making an ohel?

    1. no, spreading open the kite is not an ohel as it has no height
      flying the kite is also not considered creating an ohel
      however putting together [assembling] a kite would likely involve a problem of “tikkun mana” building a vessel/utensil on Shabbos

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