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Brocha on Smelling Coffee


Hello. Does one need to make a brocha when smelling coffee which wasn’t brewed/cooked? What about after it was already brewed/cooked? If yes, in what lashon?
Also, we know there’s an idea that one can’t make a brocha on a stolen item. Assuming that one must make a brocha when smelling coffee, can one make a brocha and smell another’s coffee without his permission? If possible, can the Rav bring the sources? Thanks a lot.


A bracha can be made on coffee beans or grinds, both before and after they was cooked or brewed.

This is only the case where you take the coffee and intentionally take a whiff to enjoy the scent, and not where you smell the coffee inadvertently while drinking.

The scent is not being stolen as the owner has no way of saving or keeping it for himself and is ownerless in the air.





See Perach Shoshan 1:13; Mishnah Berurah 216:16; Chazon Ovadyah p. 339; VeZos HaBerachah p. 74. These authorities write that the correct blessing is “hanosen reiach tov bepeiros”.

However, others write that one should recite borei minei besamim; see Birkas Hashem Vol. 3, no. 12, 19; VeZos HaBerachah p. 381. See also Yalkut Yosef 216 note 6. See Kaf Hachaim 216:86.

Both options are legitimate.


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