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Uninspired Prayer


I’m 33 years old learnt in all the top yeshivas, life has been very tough.
Today I Davin because that’s what I was taught to do I feel like a robot and there are times where I don’t daven at all.

my Question is when I go to shul I feel hatred towards Hashem unfortunately.. Is it better just not to daven at all,so that one day I will daven better from a better place?


As davening is an obligation, it is hard to say that the best way to get you back to a positive place in your Avodas Hashem [service of G-d] is by stopping to perform some of the mitzvos [commandments]. This is a slippery slope which can quickly bring to a place you never intended to be. I would say to try reading some books on Jewish thought and philosophy that deal with some of what you are going through may be a good start. There are various places in tefilla where you can speak with your own words to Hashem, describe what you are going through and ask for help to remain positive.


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