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The mitzvah to remember the Exodus


If one realizes that he did not have in mind in Shema to fulfill the commandment of leaving mitzrayim and/or didn’t pay attention to the words regarding the exodus, what should be done?


He should have in mind to fulfill this mitzvah when saying the bracha of Emes Vyatziv or Emes Vemunah.



Bais Baruch to Chaye Adam 21:15. See Mishna Brura 60:10.


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  1. Or he can say the “six remembrances” that are printed in the siddur after davening, which it’s good to say anyway.

    If I recall correctly – According to Rav Kanievsky, the mitzvah was fulfilled even without specific intent, since he did mention the Exodus. According to Rav Elyashiv, he would need to do something else (have in mind by Emes …. or say the six remembrances).

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