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Halachaic methods of writing G-d


Dear rabbis,

I rememvber when I was younger that the reform prayerbook would use a two yad letter denotion for G-d. Since becoming a Ba’al Teshuvah, I have never seen this denotion used.

I am not fond of reform in any sense and am curious if this was a reform methodology or a true halachaic method by which Hashem is written.

It was taught that we pronounce the given word as Ad-nai.

Was I learning any yiddishkeit in the double yad designation or is this a fabricated experience with a false timed movement?

This may seem curious but in no text orthodox do I find the similar.

Many thanks.


I understand you are referring to the name of Hashem being written as two of the letter “yud” – יי of the Hebrew alphabet. In fact many orthodox prayer books used and still use this method as well. It is simply a form of abbreviation as the name of Hashem י-ה-ו-ה begins with a yud, and the name א-ד-נ-י ends with a yud, so this is an abbreviation referring to when the name of Hashem is written the first way and pronounced the second way, as it always is [as you were taught].

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