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When is a slaughtered animal considered dead


When is a slaughtered animal considered dead, right after slaughtering, when it stops moving afterwards,can a person cut off a leg off an animal right after he slaughters? When is it considered dead and fit for consumption?


As soon as an animal is ritually slaughtered properly it becomes fit for consumption according to Biblical law. At this point a leg can be cut off and it is not considered to be a leg taken from a live animal which remains forbidden for consumption [for both Jew and non Jew, known as “ever min hachai”].

However, as long as the animal is still moving around and has not yet died, the leg may not yet be eaten. Once the animal dies it may be eaten even though it was removed while it was still moving.



Tractate Chullin 33a, Shulchan Aruch Y:D 27:1, Shach 1-2.

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