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Bathroom hygiene on Shabbos


B’shas hadchak, may one use, on Shabbos, tissues that are connected to each other and pull them out of the box with his mouth?

Also, if one notices that cleaning oneself on Shabbos leads to bleeding and to pulling out hairs, is this OK, due to kavod habriyos and not having intent/ desire to do these things?


Yes, in these extenuating circumstances where human dignity [kavod habriyos] is at stake one may tear in an unusual fashion. He may wipe himself as well. He should do so lightly in a way that it will not definitely cause bleeding and hair removal. Even if these are inadvertently caused [even definitely] this would be permissible, and should also be done in an unusual way [in this instance when it is definite].




Shmiras Shabbos Khilchisa 23:19


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  1. How does one wipe oneself with a shinui? Plus, it appears to me that even if bleeding and hair removal definitely result, it does not matter, and there is no need for a shinui (since one has no intent/ interest in these things happening, and no benefit from it, which itself downgrades it to an issur d’rabbonon, and kavod briyos is doche….

    Am I correct that pulling out the tissues out with one’s mouth is a shinui? May one pull them out again and again, as many times as necessary?

    1. other hand than usual or backhanded
      shinui adds additional leniency, if possible

  2. According to some opinions, one is required according to halacha to wipe with the left hand.

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