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Haircut During Sefira


I am a balding man. I generally cut my hair extremely short. I buzz my whole head very short about every 2 weeks, as the balding is less pronounced when the hair is very short. After 2 weeks, the hair starts to lengthen and when that happens, the balding is more pronounced. I am very self-conscious about this and when my hair starts to become longer, I am embarrassed. I wanted to know if I can get a heter for cutting my hair during sefira due to embarrassment.
If the answer is yes, please provide an explanation.
Thank you for your time and effort.


While there are various leniencies in this area for either medical needs or someone who will suffer financial loss from not shaving. It is hard to see a justification based on your situation. Balding is quite common and not seen as exceptional or embarrassing. Your haircut also will probably only slightly help the situation. It would seem then that this should be considered the same as regular grooming, even though it is somewhat more pressing in your case, it would seem grooming nonetheless and prohibited during the sefira.

If there is something more exceptional about your case please provide more details or consult with a Rav who knows your case personally.


See here.


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