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Omer and Live Music


Hi! I usually don’t listen to live music during the first half of the Omer. I bought tickets months ago to a concert and it’s in a week. I checked to see it wasn’t in the 3 weeks but overlooked the Omer. Is there a way I can keep the second half of the Omer, or something I can do to permit me to go that one night? I’m not sure I can get a refund for the 2 tickets and they weren’t cheap! Thanks


If you are unable to sell or refund the tickets and it will be a substantial loss, you could observe the “second half” of the Omer and rely on the opinions that permit music before Rosh Chodesh Iyar for those not observing that part of Sefira.



See Mishna Brura, Shaar Hatziyon 493:4 who quotes from the Elya Rabba who is unsure if one who is keeping the second half of sefira may dance to music until Rosh Chodesh. He has the same doubt about after the later days for one who kept the “first half ” of sefira. In this regard many are lenient and listen to music after Lag Baomer and the same would apply to the first half.

With regards to changing your usual custom of keeping the first part of Sefira, see Shu”t Chasam Sofer 1:142, Igros Moshe 1:159 who are lenient to change from one year to the next.

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