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blood after hefsek


My wife did a hefsek Friday afternoon. That night during the meal she felt a discharge and checked and saw clear liquid with three drops of blood. What is the proper thing to do?


 According to Torah law a woman is not considered a Niddah unless she experienced a sensation (הרגשה). There are various opinions amongst the Poskim concerning the nature of this sensation. However any woman who experiences bleeding or staining even without this sensation (unless attributed to other causes) is considered a Niddah מדרבנן. If a woman examines herself internally to see whether she is a Niddah and discovers even a minute spot of the colors that render her a Niddah on a prechecked examination cloth, she is considered a Niddah. However if she did not fell any flow nor did she insert a cloth internally but discovered a stain on her garments she would be considered a Niddah only if four conditions are fulfilled. (a)The stain covers an area larger than a כגריס (area equal to a circle approx. 20 millimeters in diameter) (b)The stain was found on a white garment (c) The stain was found on material which is מקבל טומאה (d) The stain is not attributed to other causes. A woman who experiences bleeding or staining whilst she is counting the Seven Clean Days (and cannot attribute it to an external source) is required to make a newהפסק טהרה examination and begin counting the Seven Clean Days anew. In your case since your wife “felt” a discharge and checked and found three drops of blood, she is required to repeat the הפסק טהרה  examination on Shabbos afternoon. (There is also the possibility of going to a nurse to see if she has some external laceration or cut).


Y:D 83:1, Pishei Teshuvah 1, Y:D 1090:!&33, Gemorah Niddah 57b “לעולם דארגישה ואימור הרגת עד הואי”



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  1. often feeling discharge just means some wet feeling outside the body which would not constitute a hargasha, many hold zivas davar lach is only from the rechem itself, why assume a questionable hargasha?
    even if there was a zivas davar lach, being that it was mostly a clear hafrasha can’t she be toleh the hargasha on the mareh tahor [chasam sofer, divrei malkiel and many others]?
    isn’t the underwear she was wearing all that time already not baduk and anyway she has until a gris?
    can we rely on this statement to assume it was a mareh tameh- shouldn’t it be checked? especially in a clear hafrasha it is hard to see to the untrained eye, and it was at night?

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