i was in shul this past shabbos and the rov mentioned that the zohar says that during the week of hod in sefira,”taarin psichin.” i am going through a difficult period in my life and was feeling depressed,and a few minutes later i thought about what the rov said and made a derogatory comment about “taarin psichin.” the question is if this is construed as an insult to rav shimon bar yochai,whichwasn’t my intent,and if so do i need to ask mechila in the presence of a minyan.thank you.



First of all I would like to bless you that Hashem Yisborach should grant you blessings of success in all your endeavors and help you pass this difficult period quickly. Since as you wrote you are going through a difficult time I think that the comment made is not considered an insult to Reb Shimon and therefore no mechila is necessary.



ב”ב טז-אין אדם נתפס בשעת צערו

Bava Basra 16

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