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If this has already been answered, I could not find it, so please send the previous answer

This is a modern building that I prefer for budget and location, and the seventeenth floor, and I am in decent shape, and it is not a health risk, but this is still a pretty serious exertion.
1. Am I obligated to try and find out the make of the elevator, first, before moving in, and before asking this question.

If not,
1. Are the rulings R. Feinstein and/or R. Auerbach, or their disciples, still applicable for this. If so, specifically, according to them, can I simply wait for someone to come in, and push the button, and get off where they get off.
2. Can I step away from the button panel, and, say, 17 please, or if the person there looks my way, can I say 17, or, are either of those too direct
3. I think that walking down should not generally be a problem, but is taking the elevator down a whole different set of issues.


The issue of elevators on Shabbos is very complicated. There are many different types and one needs to speak to an expert. Descending is generally more problematic than ascending. I suggest that you contact the Technological Institute in Bayit Vegan run by Rabbi Halprin and speak to them. Their numbers are:

02-6416501 ,02-6423230 ,02-6424880




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