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Food under the babies stroller


Hi, if I put food under my babies stroller, does that food have a status of ruach raah?


Excellent question. The answer is that it is fine to put food under the strollel because a) only under ta bed is ruach raah not under a stroller b) only if the food is directly on the ground is a problem c) there is no ruach raah on a small baby.


Teshvas Levushey Mordechei 2, Y:D 19, Teshuvas Minchas Yitchak 4:117, Oz Nidberu 7:72, Teshvas Rivovois Efraim 4:8, Teshuvos Divrey Yatziv 2, 16:13, Sha’arim Metzuyanim Behalacha 33:Kunt, Ach. 5.

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