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a milchig whisk


Basically, I was washing out a milchig whisk that my siblings had used in the past hour to make milchig butter cookies for shavuos, and after washing the whisk for about thirty seconds with warm water, I realized that I was using our fleishig sponge, which probably has been used for fleishigs in the past 24 hours. I quickly stopped washing the whisk and put it aside. What do I do now?


Since the water was only warm it might not be “yad soledes” and therefore no problem. Also I assume you also used soap so therefore that would impair any traces of fleishig in the sponge. In any case just to be on the safe side I suggest just pour some boiling hot water from the electric kettle over the whisk and then it is back to its original status.


O:CH 551:5, Y:D 68:10, 95:4, Shach 20.

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