Due to the lateness of the Z’man for 2nd night Yom Tov (Chu”L), my wife wasn’t able to candle light as she was extremely tired. Consequently, I lit the candles. Is she obligated to light an extra candle on Shabbatot from now on and/or on future Yomim Tovim? Please clarify. Thank you. (Please respond privately).


There are a few leniencies here. a) Because she was tired she is considered מחמת אונס and therefore doesn’t have to add a candle b) Some opinions hold that this only applies to Shabbos but on Yom Tov since one can always still light the candles no obligation to light an extra candle if she forgot c) Since the candles were lit even though it was by you, there is no “fine” on your wife.


O:CH 263 Mishnah Berurah 7, Teshuvas Kinyan Torah Behalocho 87, Teshuvas Mishne Halochos 7:37, Teshuvos Melamed Lehoil 46.

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