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Need help calculating date of shloshim


If the date of burial was May 23, 2016, when does shloshim fall? Shavuot falls within 30 days. Does that change the determination of the date of shloshim?


The shloshim needs to be calculated by the Hebrew date. So May 23 corresponds to the 15 Iyar. Which means that the date of the shloshim is 15 Sivan (June 21) The restrictions imposed on the mourner during the shloshim (e,g. wearing new garments) ended due to Shavuos, but the shloshim date stays unchanged.


O:CH 548,8, Y:D 399:3

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  1. Thanks very much. Also, is the yahrzeit counted from the date of burial (15 Iyar) or date of passing (13 Iyar)?

    1. The Yortzheit is on the day of passing- 13 Iyar. She can go on her birthday to her husband’s grave. Besuros Toives.

  2. Sorry – one more question: The shloshim falls on June 21, which is his wife’s birthday. Is there any accommodation in Jewish tradition to avoid requiring a widow to visit her husband’s gravesite on her birthday?

  3. hi

    My parent was niftar on shabbat chol hamoed sukkot, burial on chol hamoed Sukkot .
    When does Shloshim end?

  4. The burial took place on May 6th 2018. When does Sheloshim end as in between Shavuot falls on Sivan 6 and 7.

  5. Dear Rabbi,

    If burial was on April 08, 2019 when will be date of Shloshim?

    Thank you.

    1. Since the shiva finished before Passover, the festival annuls the shloshim, and it already passed. This would apply even if the burial was on the 10th. For a parent, there are still laws that apply after shloshim.

  6. Sorry, the death was April 08 2019. the burial was April 10th.
    When will be date of Shloshim?
    Thank you again!

    1. The shoshim was annuled by the festival or Passover, which occured after the end of shiva.

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