Shalom Aleichem, I’m submitting these shailos on behalf of my friend who’s a little nervous but doesn’t have OCD and he just wants to know what the halacha is,and he will follow whatever the rabbonim tell him.

1)If I wronged a katan, can i ask him for mechila now?and if he has no power of mechila,can i be mifayes him now and assume that when he is older he’ll be mochel me with tefilla zaka?
2)the smoke alarm in my dorm room was making noise because of the low battery,and i reported this to the one in charge of maintenance,as did my roommate.two or three days later nothing had happened and it was disturbing my sleep, so i left a message on his phone saying “we told you about this etc. and you have’nt done anything so its about time you did something about it.”afterwards, i started thinking that this person seems to be a very smart felllow,so its possible that even though he works as a maintenance supervisor perhaps he is a talmid chochom.if this is the case,must i ask him for mechila for being mevaze him,or is this not considered bizayon talmid chochom? 3)i was once on har hazeisim and i saw the kever of the leshem,but i wasn’t sure it was him because the many stones on top were obscuring the kever;so i started to move around the stones and picked one up before thinking against i required to ask mechila from the leshem, with or without a minyan?
4)i muttered to myself that a certain person is a mamzer;afterwards, i realized that this constitutes disrespect to his deceased father,who was a talmid i need mechila and how?
5)when asking mechila from someone and i am choshesh that i may have embarrased them in public,must i remind them of this specifically,or just ask mechila in a general way?
6)if I was in the middle of learning and I spoke disrespectfully or not bderech kavod about an amora or Tana or acharon or rishon etc.,do I need mechila from them and how? How about the people mentioned in chumash?
7)one Purim I was in my rebbe’s house and I drank in a way that got me sick,and the effects of this kept happening every few minutes,including once where I perhaps could have run to the bathroom but instead my seuda ended up in the sink,bmchilas kvodchem but I need to ask the rebbe’s married daughter was extremely disturbed my this and was very upset at me.perhaps she should have stayed upstairs instead of sitting in the kitchen where drunken bochurim were yotzei vnichnas.but I wonder if I need to ask her for mechila.
8)if I slightly upset a non-frum teacher who goes at least occasionally to an orthodox shul and teaches in a frum yeshiva, both for many years,do I need his mechila?
9)another teacher I am mesupak that I once yelled out some insult to him and he heard and got angry, but my memory of this is very foggy and it could be not, and I don’t know if anyone else heard with all the noise going on,so I don’t know if i embarrased him or if it was brabbim.he is not I need mechila from him?
10)a certain Talmid chacham for some reason had the hanhogo of always being very cold and would glare at me and others every time we went to the front to say good shabbos to the hanholo and him.this hurt me and I occasionally glared back, and eventually I would just pas by without even looking at him.another time he was staring at me so I started laughing.he seemed pretty upset. is this considered mevazeh Talmud chochom?also,perhaps its malbin pnav brabbim because maybe 3 or 10 people saw me not look at him. 10 probably not,but maybe 3.on the other hand,why should I make eye contact with someone who for no reason glares coldly at me in response to my gut shabbos?


I suggest you take him to a reliable Rav and discuss the matters with him.



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