when I was a bar mitzvah bachur (and before then),I used to ride on the yeshiva buses without paying for them. The story is as follows: three of the yeshiva’s buses pass by a certain stop on the way to yeshiva;its the last stop for at least one of them. Either the drivers let me on because they assumed I was on the other route or on their route,or maybe they just didn’t care.I think one of them tried to close the door on me. Lchoira the my weight is mchaser the gas,but I don’t know the mtzius and if its a shaveh prutah of chisaron.I took money from my parents to go on the city bus,of which the stop is the same place,and if this bus came first I went on it. It could be that I sometimes just went on it without taking money with me.anyway,at least some of the time I think I wasn’t supposed to take money for the bus,rather to bike or walk,unless the weather precluded it.what I owe my parents is a different cheshbon. Now,my parents didn’t know that I was going on the yeshiva bus. Am i a gavra d’avid l’meigar,since I didn’t save any money,because it wasn’t my money,and I never took the unused money for myself. An additional factor is that the yeshiva bus got there faster than the city bus when you look at the actual time of the travelling. The only thing I don’t know is if the yeshiva pays for the gas or the driver does.then the hanaah and the chisaron is from two different parties.
Maybe every inch of driving is less than a shaveh pruta either of the hanaah or the chisaron.
The city bus and yeshiva bus are b’erech the same price per ride if you divide the month into individual rides,but either one might be more or less,if this makes a difference.
So many people don’t pay full tuition,so a kid who’s parents don’t know about it maybe is patur or gets a discount bdieved(halachically,not that I discussed it with the yeshiva). Thank you.


I suggest you give a donation to the yeshiva to cover any lose incurred in case you are responsible.



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