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Yerusha of intagibles (דבר שאין בו ממש)


We were dicussing an aspect of yerusha today that I hope you will be able to provide some guidance. The essential question is whether a father is מוריש intagibles to his sons? For example, let’s say the father has a business that does not require an inventory. He makes service calls and he purchases supplies on a per customer basis when the need arises. However, the father has an impeccable reputation and people know him to be reliable and honest. As such, if he were alive he could sell his business for $250,000. He suddenly dies. Do the son’s inherit the business? Does the bechor receive פי שנים if they sell the business? Are there any other questions that we should be considering that I did not mention?

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Children can inherit things which are not yet in the world. Regarding a first born who gets double of an inheritance that improved after demise, depends: if there was a  big change (i.e fruit grew on trees) he doesn’t get double from the fruit,  but if it stayed the same (i.e he inherited trees that became thicker) does get double from the trees.


Gemorah Bovo Basrah 124a, Rambam Nachlas 3:4, CH:M 278:6

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