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Bet din and noghea badavar


May a bet Din is considered noghea badavar?
I’m chazan and masghiach, I have a problem, economic problem whit my keillà, I no want go under a foreign tribunal, but my bet din I can not be sure that will be above of the parts.
The Av bet Din is my general manager, the dayan is my department head.
All Bet din is under salary of the keillà.
I never talk about whit the Av bet Din, but for example the Dayan usualy say that I’m right, that he talked to the president, but if I had reason the keillà maybe can ask to him wy he ask me to do some service.
On the other hand I no want direspect to my bet din. so my question are;
1) a bet din is can considered, before any sentence, even before starting any process?
If yes to which bet din I can go, considering that the dayan work for the other bet din in my country and that the last one beth din is openly at odds whit my local beth din?
which is the right way to walk?
Shabbath Shalom Mario


Of course a beis din can be biased. You should look for one that isn’t. If you can’t find one you can set up your own beis din. You chose a dayan, the kehillah chose a dayan and the two allocated dayanim chose a third dayan. Behatlacha!


Nidah 49b,Sanhedrin 23a, Rambam Sanhedrin 7:1, CH:M 13:1

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