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amira l’akum


I asked this question here before and the rav said he would get back to me when he had an answer. Hopefully, the rav has had an opportunity to look up the answer and can let me know. Thank you very much.

In the case of a public school teacher who will be absent from work on yom tov (i.e., the second day of Shavuous), is she permitted to leave work (which obviously would involve writing) for the students in her class to do during class time, or would this transgress the prohibition of amira l’akum (and even lifnei iver, since there are Jewish students in the class)?

In the event that school policy requires her to leave work for the class on days that she is absent, what is she to do?


Really you don’t have much of a choice because if you do not fulfill the school’s requirement your job might be in jepordy.



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