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Hebrew name use


Hi, Im in the process of converting (orthodox if it makes a difference) and was told I will be completing the process soon. I have chosen a Hebrew name which I intend to use full time, as I found out my given one is actually the name of a pagan deity (!). Also, I will begin working again soon and dont want to have to change names after getting settled in.

I’m curious if it’s ok to start using my Hebrew name already, or if it would seseem odd to the community to do so at this time? Im a bit embarassed to ask because people might think it funny, but it feels much more natural at this point. I just dont know if it would be frowned upon.

Thank you


If you fell more comfortable you can start using the new name provided people will not make a mistake and think you are Jewish. You might get called up to the Torah or be included in a minyan!



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