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Parve food

Is it permissible lechatchila to cook a parve food
in a clean meat pot in a dairy microwave? What if
your not sure if the pot is dairy or meat?
Bedieved? What is the status of the pot,
microwave, and food after doing this?

Also I know for a stove top one may lechatchila
cook both dairy and meat on the same surface. Does
the same apply to a hotplate?

Sources? Thank you very much!


The prevalent custom is to use the same stove top for dairy and meat pots. The reason being is that since the surface between the pots and hobs is dry there is no transfer of meat or milk. But a microwave is like an oven which has food particales stuck to its interior and in the air vents therefore it has to be designated for one use only.


Y:D 52:8, O:CH 451 Mishnah Berurah 34, Y:D 97:2

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