I work as a freelance graphic artist, producing pictures and advertisements for various customers. I have one client, an advertising executive, whom I service occasionally doing all kinds of jobs for campaigns he runs.

One of his clients, the owner of a chain of book stores, saw my name somewhere while he was working with the executive, and since he needed a small graphic job done as part of is shavua hasefer campaign, he came to me, direct, circumventing the agent. Is this a fair thing to do? Can I service him?


From your question I understand that the executive is not really interested in graphics, only what he needs for his advertising agency. If that is the case, you are permitted to service his client without his knowledge.

If the agency is a graphic agency, it would be improper to skip the agent and service one of their customers.


Apparently we should deduce it impermissible to bypass the office and take their client from the halacha of “Distancing From The Fisherman’s Net”, but we do not find any such law if the client came of his own accord. As we stated above, it is certainly improper and unfair to do so, but if the graphic services are only secondary to the executive’s main occupation, it would be permissible.

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