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bleeding on shabbos


If one accidentally gave himself a paper cut on Shabbos, or otherwise accidentally caused himself to bleed, is that an aveira, or is it misaseik? Does one need to do teshvua?


A person who desecrates the Shabbos by doing a melocha unintentionally e,g. falling against the wall and accidentally switching on the light is called misaseik. There is a dispute if misaseik  is not considered a melocho at all (and therefore doesn’t need teshuvah) or only  a petur (exemption) from bringing a korban (and therefore would require teshuvah). Regarding Shabbos Reb Akivah Eiger says it is not considered a malocho because there you need “meleches machsheves”.


Rashi Bava Kama 26b & Sanhedrin 62b, Rambam Shegogos1:8, Teshuvas Reb Akivah Eiger 8, O:CH 301 Mishnah Berurah 19, 316:5  Biur Halachah ד”ה חייב

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