I am the dean at a local Kollel. The students in my Kollel are supposed to be involved with the students at the nearby college, and the non-affiliated families in the area. I accepted one man, let’s call him Arye. Arye made a nice impression on me, and I thought he would be a perfect addition to our Kollel. Well, learn diligently he did, but he has no contact with anyone in the community or college and I want to lay him off. Does he have the same status as a salaried worker? How can I fire him in a halachically and legally correct way?


You are obligated to warn the man before you lay him off in the middle of the zman. Some opine that he should be warned three times and others – once. Once the zman is over, though, you can terminate his job without prior warning or sufficient reason. An avrech does not have the same legal status as a salaried worker and is not given severance pay or vacation days. Nevertheless, regarding the stipend itself and mid-season job termination, he has the same rights as a regular worker.


Regarding warning before firing, see “Alon Hamishpat” 32, page 2.

Regarding firing in the middle of the zman see Shut Shevet Halevi part 8:315, letter 1

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