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Intentions in Tefilla


Hello, this question may be a bit odd, so please bear with me. When praying, I often lose control of my intentions. What this means, is that I will randomly come to decide that I do not wish to be yotzai a certain bracha, pasuk (in kriyat shema), or other type of Tefilla. This could be because I mispronounced a word (in a way that would not disqualify me from fulfilling the mitzvah), or other actions as such, not disqualifying me in nature. However, I still will decide that I wish not to be yotzai. Then, a few moments later, I realize what I had done, and immediately regret my decision. This problem has been ringing my Tefilla for quite some time, and I desperately wish to avoid it from now on. What halachic steps, is any, should be taken to rectify this situation, both in a broader sense, and also in the situations of these occurrences.


I suggest that you do not make any conditions whilst praying, It interferes with the continuity of the prayer and causes you to have doubts regarding the validity of your praying. Just pray normally like ever one else does. Try to concentrate on the meaning of the words said.



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