I found a metal dairy spoon in the meat dishwasher . Im not sure if I ate meat with it or if it was used for dairy and accidentally end up on the meat side.
I saw on the site another question which was answered regarding porcelain that it requires Kashering through HaGalah . Is this the same for metal ?
and what is the Halacha for Glass as well ( same scenario) ?


Since the dish washer uses hot water the metal spoon needs to be kashered (hagallah). There is a big dispute regarding the status of glass. The Rashbo holds that glass does not absorb at all, the Rambam holds that glass is the same as metal, and the Trumas Hdeshen holds that glass is like earthen wear vessels that can’t be kashered.


Teshuvas Harashbo 1:233, Trumas Hadeshen 132, Issur Veheter 58:50, Rambam Maacholos Asuros 17:3, O:CH 451:26 Mishnah Berurah 155 and Sharey Tzion 196.

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