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Disposal of Holy/ secular materials



My question (in two parts) is regarding disposal of items according to Jewish law.

1. What is the proper way to dispose of challah that was blessed for Shabbat? Would putting it in a separate bag near the garbage disposal be acceptable? I usually store much of the excess bread (used and unused) in the freezer, but the freezer is getting full and I do not anticipate thawing the bread for personal use (it may be freezer burnt). Clarity on this issue is very appreciated.

2. What is the proper way to dispose of secular business material (newspapers) and secular magazines. I do not want to read all of them before disposing, but would this be required to make sure I do not dispose of “holy words” somewhere within these items? Is it ok to simply throw them out without reading them (without checking for holy words)

Thank you so much!


Just put the challah  or bread into two plastic bags and then you can put them into the garbage. You can throw the secular  business newspapers and secular magazines into the garbage without prior inspection.



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