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Killing people by staring


16:5 Rashi says Sarah caused Hagar to miscarry by giving her the evil eye. What had the fetus done wrong?
When Rabbis of the Talmud kill people by looking at them, is this not murder?
For example R’ Yochanan with Rav Kahana and Reish Lakish. Also R’ Shimon Bar Yocahi and his son after emerging from the cave. Some sources are Sanhedrin 100a, Bava Kama 117a and Gemoro Shabbos 34a (quoted by Ohr Hachaim on this verse).
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi tries it in Gemoro Brochos 7a and fails. Could it be like Pinchas’s act of zealotry or Yehu (Melachim 2 10:17,30 – quoted by Rabbeinu Bachya on Bereishis 15:14)?
If the victims were impoverished or something other than killed why not make it clear?
I subsequently saw that Rabbeinu Bachya to Vayikra 26:13 says Rabbi Yochanan literally killed this person. See also his comments to Bemidbar 22:41.
Related to this, is Rashi saying that Eili tried to kill Shmuel in a similar way (Rashi to Shmuel 1 1:25).


The issue is widely discussed. Also if some one kills through witch craft or Shem Hameforash.


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