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Lashon Hara (clarity)



I was wondering if I may have clarity on the specifics of lashon hara. You mentioned that if a statement can not be interpreted negatively, then it is not lashon hara. I was wondering the rule regarding a statement meant with good intent and to try to promote peace and good will within a family, however it may have been received as a negative statement. Specifically, if my intent is only for good, can someone’s reaction to what I say make my statement into lashon hara?

For example: If I say to a family member (in a joking loving way) “Are you going to write a letter to (Company Name) and demand that they put that movie we like to watch together back on the list of shows available to watch anytime on TV?” If I say it in a nice way with the intention of promoting family bonding, but the person replies negatively about the company, can my statement somehow “become” lashon hara because of how they reacted?

Thank you very much for help and clarity on this issue. I sincerely appreciate your help.




If you had good intentions and most people would not interprut what you said negatively it is fine.



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