A few weeks back i went into a public bathroom and noticed after it was too late that i stepped in dryish excrement on the lfloor….how well do i have to clean them before i can wear them while davening etc? They certainly do not smell of excrement and i dont even know if there is any on there for sure because it may have worn off while i walked home.and i dont really know how much got on in the first place…ive had them semi wrapped in like a drycleaner clears plastic garment bag, do i have to worry that it got on that and then on other parts of the shoe? The bottoms just look regular dirty i think…sorry i get very ocd about these things.


Since we have a few doubts here, maybe nothing stuck to the shoe originally, maybe it was dry, maybe it fell off I would rest in ease and not worry about it. Perhaps rinse the sole of the shoe with water.


O:CH 76:2 & 7 Mishnah Berurah 6. O:CH 82:1

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