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zmanim krias shema


Hello Rabbi. I had a question on the latest krias shema of the GRA. I rely on the site for the shema times. I was wondering if it was ok to start krias shema about 5 minutes before the posted times and finish about a minute before the posted time? I understand this site has high accuracy standards and I was wondering if it is still accurate up to this point.


I would compare the times given by the site to various calenders to see if there is a big discrepancy. (I just compared the site with the “Itim Lebinah” calendar, both said 9:19. But for the Magen Avrohom time was a big differance. myzman 8:37,  “Itim Lebinah” 8:27 and Luach E.Y. 8:23?)



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