How late on Shabbat Chazon (Erev 9 Av) can I learn? How early on Tisha Be’Av evening can I resume learning? Can I recite the daily Tehillim on Tisha Be’Av morning? Thank you.


Tehillim can be said. The other questions ask your local Rabbi.


O:CH 554 Mishnah Berurah 7

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  1. This year the 9th of Av is Shabbos Chazon. Therefore, the fast is pushed off to motzoi Shabbos. Until chatzos on Shabbos Chazon/ 9 Av (this year), you can learn anything. After chatzos, it is good to learn only those topics that we can learn on Tisha B’av itself. Nevertheless, if you desire to learn regularly, that is also OK (until shkia).

    Regarding resuming your learning after the fast – you can resume learning 45 or 50 minutes after sunset.

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