My son has to see a psychotherapist for his eating disorder issues. She is a lady. When he comes in, we are the only people in the office (last patient of the day). She insists that she would like to speak to him privately (not with parents) so that he should feel comfortable talking to her. Is it OK for him to be alone in a room with her for approximately 45 minutes if the parents are sitting in the waiting area and know that he is in the office? Do we need to insist that the door to the office be opened, or can it be closed? My son feels that it is better for the parents to be in the room with him (due to the prohibition of yichud), but the lady insists otherwise.


If your son feels  better for the parents to be in the room with him I would try to persuade the psychotherapist to agree. If she is adamant about it the door can be closed but not locked.


E:H 22:9 ( Pischey Teshuvah 8

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