My husband and I are leaving on holiday the morning after Tish Ba’av. We will be traveling around and not necessarily have access to washing facilities. We don’t have time to do washing motzei tish baav either as we are leaving very early morning and the clothes won’t dry on time.
Is there any leniency that we can rely on to do washing in the 9 days?


The best thing would be to do all the washing on motzei tish baav and use a clothes dryer. If that is not possible give the clothes to a non Jew to wash. If you have no choice you can wash the clothes yourself. Just spoke to Reb Ezreal Aurbach (son of Reb S. Z. Aurbach and son in law of Reb Y.S. Elyashiv)  and he said should do the middle option via a non Jew.


O:CH 551 Mishnah Berurah 39, Shaarey Tzion 41, 558 Mishnah Berurah 4.

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