Dear Rabbi,
Are we allowed to cook with wine during the 9 Days? From a practical point of view, I would imagine the answer to be “no”, but I’d rather be certain that I mustn’t cook with it.

Thank you for your help and BE”H may this be the last year we need to prepare for Tisha B’Av as a Tzom!


May your bracha eventuate quickly. Good question. The Taz permits addition of wine but the Beer Haytev disagrees,  If the wine is a minute amount (“botel beshishim”) or not able to be detected on taste, might be permitted even according to the Beer Haytev.


O”CH 551:10 Mishnah Berurah 63 Shar Hatzion 68. Beer Haytev 29 quoting the Taz, Teshuvos Vehanhogos 2:259.

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