you wrote dishwasher is ok acc. to rav moshe for meat and milk

Rav Moshe only allowed meat after milk or vice versa, and required separate racks for meat and milk
the question asked is a sefardi psak based on rav ovadia yosef that allows meat and milk keilim together at the same time!! this is a serious issue of basr bchalav min hatorah – bishul, blios, keilim

also rav moshe’s teshuvos are from 40- 50 yrs ago! the metzius has changed- rav moshe assumes there is no cooking of the water in the dishwasher, today this is not true, dishwashers have a rinse cycle without soap with kli rishon boiling water, aside from the zeiah and hevel that fills the dishwasher – just like inside a pot


I was only talking about a situation where you do not put the meaty and milky dishes together in the dish washer at the same time. I am also aware of the fact that other posking disagree with Reb Moishe.




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