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Playing in a Poker Tournament on Shabbat


I have a very interesting and unusual Halachic question.

I am planning a vacation with some friends and I am thinking about playing in a poker tournament. The cash buy in to enter the event takes place during a weekday but the tournament which extends over a few day period has a possibility of running into Shabbat. The poker chips the casino provides you throughout the course of the tournament have no cash redeemable value(It is a winner take all type of structure where you can not sell the chips in-front of you for money or credit). Any prize won from the tournament would be collected after Shabbat by presenting your drivers license and other forms of Identification/pieces of paper they give you if you win. We would be staying in a hotel on the property so there would be no issues of driving ect..
I have attached a link of an article from this very Dinonline website which appears to address a similar situation allowing for someone to bet on a sports game that takes place on Shabbat if the financial transaction occurred before the start of Shabbat.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you


Even though there might be some room for leniency never the less it is a contradiction and negates the entire spirit of Shabbos. Therefore one should refrain from playing in the tournament on Shabbos.


Ramban beginning Parshas Kedoshim.

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