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Will I ever be a Jew given my circumstances? What must I Do?


Dear Rabbi,
I live in a country where a synagogue has been closed for decades, and the last Hannukah celebrated was in 1948. There are very few Jewish people here, and its impossible to meet them, given the nature of my circumstances. I have been wanting to convert to Judaism for years now, to become a full fledged Jew, part of the Jewish Nation, raise a Jewish family one day. I’m 21 years old. I can’t unlearn everything I learnt from the Torah… It’s impossible. I can’t unlearn Jewish Ethics. I can’t unlearn keeping Kosher. I stand out in the community I’m from because of what I’ve learnt from the Torah. I can find Rabbis in the country of my citizenship, but I won’t be able tolerate the horrors of even one day in that country, because of the huge crime rates. How can I become Jewish given my limited mobility, or if it’s not possible at all, what should I do?
Thank You


I suggest you contact a Chabad Center. I hope they might be able to assist you.



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