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Feminine napkins on Shabbos


Is it permissible to use pantiliners with tape on Shabbos?


There is alot of discussion among the poskim regarding using the old tapes for diposable daipers. The tapes on feminine pads and pantiliners would be the same thing.

It is permitted to use them, however it is prefferable to open and reseal the tapes before Shabbos. When they are being thrown out, it is also prefferable not to tape them up. This is because many poskim hold that then it is being taped forever.  Similarly to stick one on top of another so it will be thicker, it should prefferably be done before Shabbos.


Machze Eliyahu vol 1-70, Smiras Shabbos Kehilchoso 15-87, Ohr L’tzion 29- 6, Tzitz Eliezer16-10.

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