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9 the day of av




We are Sephardic and we have been building our new home for the past 18 months. We plan to move at the end of the month and everyday lost is money lost. Can we allow the workers to continue on the 9th day of Av?




Sepharadim have refrained from building homes on Tisha Be’av since it is a public activity and usually is makes noise.[1] However, if the delay will cause a loss of money, it is permitted to do and preferably should be done by gentiles.[2]

The concept of loss of money should include a real loss of capital and not a profit loss or needing to move in to the new home a bit later.

There is no distinction between Ashkenazim and Sepharadim on this point.



[1] עיין שע”ת תקנ”ד על סכ”ב, דהביא בשם שיירי כנסת הגדולה דאפילו הבנאים נכרים אסור משום דאשא מילתא וכן מנהג פשוט בקושטנדינא. דין זה מובא במ”ב תקנ”ד ס”ק מ”ו.

[2] סעיף כ”ג שם. וע”ש במ”ב ס”ק מ”ח דעכ”פ יעשה ע”י נכרים ולא ע”י עצמו דמסיח דעתו מאבילות.


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